• Is prenatal chiropractic care safe for my baby and me?

When performed by a trained prenatal chiropractor both the massage and the modified chiropractic adjustments are most certainly safe for you and your baby. Special supports and techniques are utilized during pregnancy to ensure comfort and safety. Prenatal chiropractic care is supported by many midwives, obstetricians, labor and delivery nurses, and doulas.

  • Will these treatments make me go into labor?

Nothing that a trained prenatal chiropractor does can directly cause your labor to begin. Certain treatments that encourage the “dropping” of your baby further into your pelvis are reserved for late pregnancy when labor is safe should it spontaneously begin. For women who are near or past their due date focused work to encourage dropping and pelvic opening can help move you closer to labor or encourage a stalled labor to resume.

  • How often do I have to come in for treatment?

Because your body is constantly changing during pregnancy different rules and treatment protocols apply to help you maintain wellness. Ultimately the number and frequency of treatments will depend on you and your body. Your activity level and commitment to stretching at home will affect the amount of care you need. Not all prenatal chiropractors adhere to the same treatment protocols, so don’t hesitate to ask in advance about specific recommendations.

  • Do you accept insurance?

I do not submit insurance claims, but I will give you the completed form for you to submit to your own health insurance. Billing your own insurance for chiropractic care is typically a very simple process requiring you to mail in the form from your visit so that your insurance company can reimburse you directly. I am not “in network” with any insurance companies, so you must have “out of network” chiropractic coverage on your plan to be reimbursed.