My doula recommended that I see Lalanya for back pain and headaches during my pregnancy. Lalanya was able to get rid of my headaches, sciatica and make the rest of my pregnancy more comfortable. She also helped prepare my body to successfully deliver naturally. After having the baby, my husband, daughter and I have continued to visit her for postpartum care. I highly recommend her for pre and postpartum care (and Dads too). She is the nicest and kindest chiropractor I have ever met. She clearly has her clients best interest at heart. She will be sorely missed now that we have moved up north.

- Sharon G. previously of Valencia

My midwife recommended that I visit Lalanya before the birth of my son, in order to prepare my body for labor. My little guy came early, so I didn't get to take advantage of her services before the birth. About a week after my delivery, I was having difficulty sleeping at night for reasons other than nursing, because my hips were hurting. I contacted Lalanya, and our new little family of three all ended up seeing her. Over the course of a few weeks, my husband received relief for his back, our son Max was cared for and stretched by her expert hands, and my body settled back into feeling comfortable. Lalanya's care is excellent because she is an expert on the body and is also possessed of strong, intuitive, healing hands. I haven't been able to find another chiropractor who takes the time that Lalanya does to assess my needs through movement and discussion and find individual treatment that lasts, due to her combination of adjustments and massage. (Her massage is worth the visit alone!) Thank you, Lalanya, for your thoughtful, gentle approach to caring for our bodies.

- Jessie M. of Glendale

At about 30 weeks I found out the baby was in a breeched position. Ideally, I wanted to have a vaginal birth and avoid having a version procedure. I gave it some time but after a few weeks the baby was still breech. Lalanya was recommended to me through a prenatal yoga instructor and I decided to see her at about 33 weeks. She was really easy to talk to and I felt comfortable almost immediately. I didn't give her a whole lot of time to work with as I could only see her about once a week and the baby was already pretty big, but at about 36 the baby had finally turned. I continued to see Lalanya throughout my pregnancy. Her sessions worked wonders to ease the aches and pains of the last trimester to the point where I almost felt guilty for feeling so good. I highly recommend taking the time to at least visit and see for yourself what one of her sessions can do for you.

- Leticia H. of Ontario

Going to see Lalanya was the single best thing I could have done and her treatment and guidance ultimately led to having the most amazing, calm, and successful delivery of my second son. Lalanya not only is exceptionally warm and kind, but she is knowledgeable and very skilled at easing discomfort. I had severe lower back pain for the last 3-4 months of pregnancy and I always felt better after her treatments. Lalanya also introduced me to a number of other treatments (acupuncture, doulas, etc.) and through a combination of those efforts (including hypnobirthing) combined with Lalanya's treatments, I had a drug-free, natural, quick and healthy delivery within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital, with no tears or stitches, and able to walk around unassisted (and with no pain) 2 hours after having my 2nd baby. This was drastically different from my 1st baby, where I didn't get chiropractic treatment or acupuncture, did not have a doula, was induced, had an epidural and episiotomy and ended up not being able to walk unassisted for over 1 whole week post partum! (which was a horrible way to start my journey as a 1st time mom). If only I had known Lalanya before I had my 1st!!! Things would have been SO much better. Lalanya was an integral part of my success story with my second child and I am extremely grateful to her for her patience, kindness, professionalism and skill.

- Cindy K. of Pasadena

While pregnant with my second child I pulled myself out of alignment more than once. I felt the pain in my back, hip, and sciatic nerve. Lalanya was able to find what was out of alignment and gently shift things back to where they belong. Her calm, thoughtful, caring demeanor, in combination with her gentle but firm touch, make her a true healer. Pregnant and post-partum women are so lucky she has chosen us to work with.

- Morgan K. of Silver Lake